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Partner Jenny Colgate Quoted in IP Law360 Article on What TC Heartland Means For Foreign Companies

Foreign Cos. Expected To Test Venue Rules After TC Heartland

June 5, 2017

Partner Jenny L. Colgate is quoted in an IP Law360 article discussing what the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to limit where U.S. companies can be sued means for foreign companies. The Supreme Court last addressed venue restrictions for foreign companies in a 1972 decision, Brunette Machine Works Ltd. v. Kockum Industries Inc., when the court held that a foreign corporation can be sued for patent infringement in any judicial district. This was based on a long-standing rule that venue restrictions do not apply to foreign companies.

Ms. Colgate is quoted as saying "I would expect foreign companies to definitely challenge venue and to challenge Brunette in the future."

The entire article can be read on the IP Law360 web site, at